In addition to equipping our production facilities with modern, efficient machinery, we also strictly adhere to HACCP requirements and comply with the standards applied to the production of quality products.


In order to ensure the safety of our products, we regularly conduct training sessions with processing staff to comply with all procedures and working practices required by the HACCP system. The raw materials supplied to us are immediately assessed by our specialists for their safety and the finished products undergo regular veterinary inspections.

In 2018—2020, Avektra OÜ has acquired fish processing equipment with the support of the European Fisheries Fund


Compliance with the requirements of the standards mentioned above means the company pays special attention to the details required when developing new products or when introducing any new equipment in our facilities.

The positive outcomes of the regular inspections held across our enterprise confirm that the company complies with all the necessary legal requirements and standards for safe and outstanding quality food production.

Our products are approved by certificates

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