Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) allows the fresh or minimally processed fish to keep taste and freshness for a longer period, excluding completely application of preservatives. Besides this, the controlled MAP environment of optimal blend of pure oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen enables the product:

  • High quality and extended shelf-life
  • Reduced spoilage
  • Better consumer safety
  • Attractive appearance throughout the shelf life

Material, used for MAP packaging, allows to prepare product, without pulling it out of the packaging, as on the open fire and in the microwave.



Individual Vacuum Packaging (IVP) is an easy and efficient way of packaging a variety of product, providing a lot of benefits:

  • Extended shelf life of food products
  • No loss of product
  • Improvement of food quality
  • No contamination
  • Prevention of freezer burn
  • Optimal product and storage possibilities
  • Professional product presentation
  • Optimal packaging,  compatible with food safety and HACCP standards


Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) a freezing method used in food processing industry. One of the main advantages of this method of preparing frozen food is that the freezing process takes very short time, just only a few minutes. This makes the product keep its shape, colour, smell, taste and nutritional value better preserved in food after defrost.

Another significant advantage of IQF technology is its ability to separate the products during the freezing process, which results in products of higher quality when compared to those which are block frozen for example. This advantage is also important for food sustainability as it allows the defrost and use of the exact needed quantity.


Private Label

We offer our customers the opportunity to supply their own private labels which we can attach during the packaging process. This allows you to greatly increase your advertising and expand your sales market at minimal cost.

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